Add a Photo Gallery to your website using the WebHornet Photo Gallery Enhanced Module.  To purchase Enhanced Modules, access your WebHornet Account and add one or more Enhanced Modules to your existing WebHornet Website.
View our YouTube Video on the Photo Gallery Overview.

1 - Choose the Page or Layout you would like to edit.  To determine if you should edit this module on the Page or Layout, click here.

2 - Locate the area where you want to add the Photo Gallery.

3 - Click on the Action Hexagon and select CHANGE option.
For more information on the ActionHex, click here.

4 - Next Change Module to Photo Gallery.  For more information on Change Module, click here.

5 - Once the module is set to Photo Gallery module, you will need to again click on the Action Hexagon.  We recommend you first set-up the Photo Gallery Settings. Click the SETTINGS option.  Make sure to Save any changes.
  • Title: Title to appear on your Photo Gallery pages. 
  • Description: This text will appear on all Photo Gallery pages under the title.
  • Settings: Set the width and height of your Photo Gallery thumbnails.  Measurements are in pixels.
6 - Next begin uploading photos to your galleries.  Click on the Photo Gallery placeholder Action Hexagon and select the EDIT option.  The Photo Gallery Edit form will appear.

7 - Select & Upload Photos - Click the Select Files button to browse your computer to locate the image(s) you would like to upload.  Acceptable formats are .png, .jpg or .gif. 
  • To select multiple files, hold the Ctrl button on your keypad while selecting photos. 
  • Once you have selected your photo(s), click the Open button. 
  • Photo names will be listed.  Here you can name the new gallery or upload to an existing gallery. 
  • Click the Upload Files button - watch the screen to see status on your photo upload.
8 - Photos will appear in galleries you created.  At the top of the gallery view screen are some options:
  • Viewing: Select the Gallery you want to view or work with.
  • Action: Options to re-size and delete photos and galleries.
  • Check: Check individual photos you want to work with, check All or check None.

When Viewing the Gallery List, you can:

  • Rename a Gallery: Type in a name under the gallery thumbnail (optional)
  • Gallery Sort Order: Assign a number to each gallery to sort (optional)
  • View Photos: Select a Gallery to view from the drop down list - Viewing. The Gallery you selected will display all of photos in that Gallery.
  • Delete Gallery: Check one or more galleries you want to delete, select Action = Delete and click GoDeleting a gallery will remove all photos in the gallery from your website.

When Viewing photos in a specific gallery, you can:

  • Photo Caption: Add a short caption that will appear above the photo (optional)
  • Photo Sort Order: Assign a number to each photo in the gallery to sort (optional)
  • Re-size Photos: Check one or more photo you want to re-size, select Action = Resize, use the recommended width or change and click GoResizing a photo will re-size the photo on your website.  Size information will appear in the upper right corner of the photo thumbnail.
  • Delete Photos: Check one or more photo you want to delete, select Action = Delete and click GoDeleting a photo will remove the photo from your website.

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