To add a Slide Show or rotating graphics to your website, use the WebHornet Slide Show module.
View our YouTube Video on the Slide Show Overview.

1 - Access the Page or Layout you would like to edit.  To determine if you should edit this module on the Page or Layout, click here.

2 - Locate the area where you want to add a Slide Show

3 - Click on the Action Hexagon and select the CHANGE option.
For more information on the ActionHex, click here.

4 - Next Change Module to Slide Show.  For more information on Change Module, click here.

5 - Once the module is set to Slide Show, you will need to again click on the Action Hexagon and this time select the EDIT option.

6 - You will see two tabs, Manage Photos and Photo Upload.  Click on the Photo Upload tab.

7 - Photo Upload
  • Upload up to 6 images at a time. 
  • Browse your computer to locate the image you would like to upload.  Acceptable formats are .png, .jpg or .gif. 
  • To retain image quality, WebHornet does NOT re-size images.  Recommended image size can be found in the upper right corner.  You must re-size the images before uploading. 
  • WebHornet is NOT responsible for the layout of the page if images are not re-sized.
  • We recommend that ALL images be the same size.
8 - Click the Upload once you have selected the images.

9 - All images will now appear in the Manage Photos tab.  You now have the ability to sort, add title & alt tags, and assign a URL to your images.  Click on the image in the Photo List.  The image will appear to the right, under Selected Photo header.  All settings are optional.
  • Ordinal: Set sort order for each image by numeric order.
  • Title & Alt: Give your image a Title & Alt tag.  This is great for Search Engines.
  • Link URL: Enter a specific URL that you would like the image to direct users to.  WebHornet is NOT responsible for broken links.
  • Link Behavior: If a link is setup, select whether to open the link in the Same browser window, or a New window.
  • Is Published: If unchecked, the photo will not display in the rotation.
  • Click Save Photo to save and apply your settings.
10 - To Delete a photo, click on the photo and it will appear to the right, under Selected Photo. Click on the Delete Button.  The photo will now be Deleted.
11 - To see any changes in the Slide Show, you must refresh your browser. You can click the Refresh icon on your browser, or hit the Ctrl key and the F5 key at the same time.

12 - Your Slide Show will appear. Images will rotate through in the order you applied. 

At any time you can edit, delete or upload new Photos by following steps 1-8.

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