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To Create a Blog Post, you will need the WebHornet Blog Enhanced Module.  To purchase Enhanced Modules, access your WebHornet Account and add one or more Enhanced Modules to your existing WebHornet Website.
View our WebHornet YouTube Video on how to Create a Blog Post.

1 - Before you create a blog post, you must set-up your Blog.  Visit Blog Set-up article to read more about setting up your blog.

2 - Locate the Page or Layout where your Blog resides.

3 - To create a new Blog Post.  Click on the Blog placeholder Action Hexagon and select the CREATE option.  The Create Blog Form will appear:
  • Title: Title of the blog post.
  • Date: Date of the blog post. The post will not be visible to visitors until this date.
  • Is Published: By default, the post will not be published.  Check Is Published if you want the post to appear in the blog viewed by visitors.
  • Author: The Author name posting to the blog.
  • Summary: A short summary of your post.
  • Content: Enter the full blog post
  • Tags: Enter tags related to the post as comma separated words or phrase.  Visitors can click on the tags to filter by topics of interest.  For more information on Tags, please click here.
  • *Browser Page Title: Modify the Page Title that appears in the Web Browser. For more information on Meta Tags, please click here.
  • *Meta Keywords: Modify specific keywords and phrases that search engines index.  Separate these by commas.  For more information on Meta Tags, please click here.
  • *Meta Description: Modify a short description of your page that for search engines to use.  For more information on Meta Tags, please click here.
4 - Click Save and your Blog Post will now appear on your Blog page.
For instructions Editing your Blog, please click here.

5 - RSS Feed - The WebHornet Blog auto creates an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Feed for your followers. By clicking this button, a visitor will have the ability to Subscribe to your feed.  Each time you post to your blog, the RSS Feed will be updated!

6 - To schedule a post to publish in the future, read more about Scheduling Blog Posts.

*  WebHornet will auto-generate the Browser Page Title, Meta Keywords and Meta Description for you.  To use this feature, after the Posting 'Is Published' and 'Saved', the auto-generation will occur.  Feel free to make changes as necessary.

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