Upgrade Your WebHornet

To upgrade your WebHornet Website:

1 - Visit http://www.webhornet.com and click on the Login link.

2 - Login with the username and password you were provided during sign-up.
     Note: This is the login to your Account/Billing information via webhornet.com. Not the login to your website.

3 - You will be directed to a My Account page, click on the Manage Your Account button.

4 - Under your WebHornet List you should see a list of your WebHornet Website(s).  To upgrade, click on the Customize button to the right.

5 - On the customize screen you will see Current Products already included in your WebHornet.  On the right, Select any upgrades you would like to add to your WebHornet Website and click Proceed to Checkout>>.

6 - The cart will automatically calculate any upgrades to adjust for the billing cycle. Proceed through the cart checkout.  You will receive a receipt of your purchase.  If you would prefer to o change your order, Add Support or Continue Shopping for more customizations, use the Change Order/Continue Shopping button.  Follow your options on the screen.

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