Image - Cropping Image

Some customers may find they have an image to use on their website that is just too large.  When re-sizing the image, it is too small.  Another option that you have is Cropping your Image.
WebHornet recommends first re-sizing the image.

Below are instructions for cropping your image using Paint.Net.

1. Open Paint.Net

2. Drag and Drop your image into the Software

3.  Locate the Tool Option in the Toolbar, as shown below:

4.  Select the Rectangle Select Option, as shown below:

5.  The cursor will change to a '+' icon

6.  With your mouse, holding the left button down, highlight the area you would like to keep.  In the below example, you can see that part of the photo is darker then the rest, this is the area we will be keeping, the rest will be cropped out.

7.  After selecting the correct area, locate the Image option in the toolbar, as shown below:

8.  Select the Crop to Selection Option, as shown below:

9.  Your image has now been cropped. 

If you are unhappy with your selection, the 'Undo' button is available.
You may now need to re-size the image.  For more information on re-sizing, your image, click here.


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