Email - Sycronizing your email accounts to Microsoft Outlook

If you are using Microsoft Outlook, see the below information for settings.

1 - In the task bar select File -> Data File Management

2 - An Account Settings box will appear.  Select the E-Mail tab and click New....

3 - The Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMPA, or HTTP section should be chosen.  Click Next

4 - Manually configure server settings or additional server types will need to be selected.  Click Next

5 - Internet E-mail will need to be selected.  Click Next

6 - Fill out the below information:
  • Your Name = Display Name
  • Email Address = Address Provided
  • Incoming Mail Server =
  • Outgoing Mail Server =
  • User Name = Email address
  • Password = Password Provided
  • Remember Password = Should be Checked
  • SPA = Should NOT be checked
Then click on More Settings

7 - Outgoing Server Tab ->
My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication should be checked.
Use same settings as my incoming mail server should be checked.

8 - Advanced Tab ->
Incoming server (POP3) = 110
Under the Servers Port Numbers, the number should be 25 or 8889.
**Please note:  Cox Communications and several other ISPs block port 25,
so if you are having issues sending email, please try port 8889

9 - When you are finished with the above settings, click OK
On the Change Email Account window select Next & Finish to repeat the above steps for all addresses hosted at Whettstone.

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