Calendar of Events: Set Up

Add a Calendar of Events to your website using the WebHornet Event Calendar Enhanced Module.  To purchase Enhanced Modules, access your WebHornet Account and add one or more Enhanced Modules to your existing WebHornet Website.
View our YouTube Video on Event Calendar Settings.

1 - Choose the Page or Layout you would like to edit.  To determine if you should edit this module on the Page or Layout , click here.

2 - Locate the area where you want to add the Event Calendar.

3 - Click on the Action Hexagon and select CHANGE option.
For more information on the ActionHex, click here.

4 - Next Change Module to Event Calendar.  For more information on Change Module, click here.

5 - Once the module is set to Event Calendar module, you will need to again click on the Action Hexagon and this time select the EDIT button.

6 - We recommend you first set-up the Event Calendar Settings. Click the SETTINGS option.
  • Title: This text will be shown on every month/page of your Event Calendar
  • Description: This text will appear on every month/page of your Event Calendar and will appear under the title.
  • Mode: Calendar mode will display the events for the month in a calendar grid. List mode will display all events for the month in a list.
7 - Next create a new Event.  Click on the Event Calendar placeholder Action Hexagon and select the CREATE option.  The Create Event form will appear:
  • Title: Title of the event.
  • Start: Start Date and Time of the Event. The Date is mandatory, but entering a Time is optional.
  • End: End Date and Time of the Event. The Date is mandatory, but entering a Time is optional.
  • Is Published: Check if you want the event to appear in the event calendar viewed by visitors.
  • Location: Address Title and Address Information for the Event. (Optional)
  • Description: Enter a description on the Event. You can add photos, links to document, etc...
8 - Click Save and your Event will now appear on your Event Calendar page.
For instructions on Editing your Event, please click here.

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