Edit Users, Unlock Users & Delete Users


The User Manager tools allow you to Edit User information, Change Passwords, Unlock Users and Delete Users. 
View our YouTube Video on the User Manager Overview.

Use the filters at the top of the page to query and find the User to be changed.  For more information on how to Run a Query, click here.
From the User Manager screen click on the Manage button for the User. In the Manage User screen you have 4 options:

1 - Edit: edit any of the fields.  Make any changes necessary and click the Save button.

2 - Lock: if a User has attempted and failed to login to his/her account over 3 times, the system will Lock the User.  If a User contacts you claiming they can not log in, make sure they are not locked. If the Is Locked box is checked, the User is Locked.  The lock is a security mechanism to prevent bots and hackers trying to access your site.

3 - Delete: to delete a User click the Delete button in the top right corner.  When deleting an User, the system will verify that the User should be deleted.
**Please note, the Primary Administrator account cannot be deleted.**
4 - Password: click the Password button in the top right corner. Enter the new password and retype to confirm the password. Click Save to save the new password.
NOTE: For security reasons, you will NOT be able to view a password, only change it.

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