The User Settings allows you to chose which data you would like to collect on new Users.  Before Users are set up in the system, you will want to verify that your User settings are correct.  For instructions on setting up New Users, click here

1.  Once you are in the User Manager tool, click on the User Settings button.

2.  You are directed to the User Settings form that can be customized for data collected per User.  Three columns will be displayed Data Fields, Show & Is Required
     Data Fields: a list of data fields you can collect.
     Show: selected fields will appear when entering a new account. 
     Is Required: selected fields will be required when entering a new User.  If you want to require a field, you must also check the Show column to show the field.
**Please note, First Name and Last Name are always shown & required.**

3.  Click the Save button to save the User Settings.  Click the Cancel button to disregard your changes.

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