Add Image to your Content/HTML

To add images to HTML areas of your website:
View our YouTube Video on how to Upload and Add an Image.

1 - Once in the HTML Editor, click on the Insert/edit Image icon located in the HTML Tool Bar.

2 - A dialog box will appear.  Click on the Folder icon, located on the Source line.

3 - The Document/File dialog will appear.  Web Hornet recommends creating Folders to organize all images in the Document/File manager. Create a separate folder for Documents.
4 - To Create a New Folder:
       a.  Click on the Create button and Folder
       b.  Name the Folder
       c.  Click Create

5 - To Upload an Image:
       a.  Click on the Upload button and Local Machine.
       b.  Locate and select the image on your local machine.  Click Open.
       c.  Click Insert or Close:
                Insert: Insert the image at the point where the cursor was placed in the Editor window.
                Close. The image has been Uploaded, but not inserted any where yet.
                        Close the Insert/edit image dialog window by clicking on the "X" in the top right corner.
6 - The Insert/edit image dialog window:
        Source: The path on your website where the file resides.
        Image description: Enter a Description which will be visible when a visitor hovers the mouse over the image.
        Dimensions: The size of the image (in pixels) will prefill. You can Resize the image, keeping the proportions.
                Enter the desired Width and click anywhere outside of the Width field, to apply the Constrain proportions.
                (Your image will keep the proper proportions and will not be distorted.)
        Click OK to save changes.
       The Image now displays in the HTML of your website

7 - Make sure to Save your changes.  Web Hornet recommends that you review your website for the newly added images.

All images that are uploaded are stored on the Server.  To find an Image that has already been uploaded:
        Follow step 3 [Document/File dialog window].  All images previously uploaded will appear.

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