Strange object/graphic appearing on my page

WebHornet does not add any objects or graphics to the content you type or copy in your HTML Editor.  If you are seeing a strange object/graphic appear on your page and the content was copied into your page from another source we recommend the following:


1 - In the Control Panel, delete the page where the object or image is appearing.  

2 - Recreate the page.  This time when copying in your text in from another source, first copy the text into a notepad (.txt) document on your desktop.

3 - Review your text in notepad (.txt) document.  If you see tags or content that is not the content you want to appear on the page, we recommending removing it.  Word and other editors sometimes add extra tags that will add images, script tags and style to your content.  Sometimes this can cause issues in the HTML Editor.

4 - Once you have cleaned the content, copy the content into your WebHornet Page.

5 - Save your changes when completed.

For the Advanced HTML user:

1 - In the Control Panel, click the page where the object or image is appearing. 

2 - Find and click on the Edit HTML or other Module that has the undesired object/graphic.  You may see the image/object inside the HTML Editor.

3 - Once in the HTML Editor, click the Source button in the upper right corner.

4 - View your HTML Source.  Look for HTML tags that are not necessary to your content and remove.

5 - Save your changes when completed.

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