CSS Editing - Advanced Users

WebHornet gives Advanced Users the ability to make Style changes in the CSS of each layout. 
**Please note, if you do not understand CSS & HTML, we DO NOT advise any of the following changes to take place.
View our WebHornet YouTube Video on Layout Styling.
1 - Access the Control Panel.  For more information on the Control Panel, click here.

2 - At the bottom on the Control Panel will be a list of all Layouts that are installed in your website. 

3 - Next to Each Layout, a HTML Tag icon is shown.  Choose the HTML Tag icon you would like to edit.

4 - The Layout and it's modules will be displayed. 
  • Each Place Holder has is own Container.  This will appear when scrolling over each placeholder along with the region that you will be styling.
5 -  As an Advanced user, click on the Container name in the Page Tree.
  • All Changes made will overwrite anything set in the other tools
  • Locate the section of HTML you would like to edit by updating the CSS
6 - After clinking on the Container name in the Page Tree of the area you would like to style, a Layout Code (Meta/CSS/Script) box will appear.  You have the ability to change the Background Color and the Font Color of its section. 
You have the ability to choose a color from the grid or copy paste a HTML color code.

7- After you have made your changes, click 'Save'

At any time, you can return back to the original colors assigned to the layout.  Follow steps 1-6.  

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