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As an Administrator in the WebHornet system, you have the ability to Change Modules throughout your WebHornet website.  For example, suppose you have an Image at the top of your website and you want to replace it with a Slide Show.  This is an example of Change ModuleClick here for instructions to review the modules included in your WebHornet.
For an example, view our WebHornet YouTube Video on how to Change a Module to a Slide Show Module.

1 - Choose the Page or Layout you would like to work with.
For more information on Editing the Layout, click here.
For more information on Editing the Page, click here.

2 - Locate the ActionHex of the area you want to modify.  
For more information on the ActionHex, click here.

3 - Click on the Change option.

4 - Change Module dialog box will appear.  Current Module is the module loaded in the placeholder.  Options:
  • Change Module: Replaces the placeholder with selected module and will remain empty until you have populated with content.
  • Copy Module: Copies the module and content to the selected placeholder.
  • Move Module: Moves the module and content to the selected placeholder.
  • Clear: Clears the module and content returning to Layout defaults.
5 - To change to a different module, select the Change Module radio button and select a different module from the drop down list.

6 - Click Complete button.  You will receive a warning - "This action will remove all current data and replace with the Module selected. Push OK to continue".  Click OK if you want to continue.  Click Cancel if you want to cancel this change.

7 - If you changed the module, next you need to populate your module with content/images/etc.  To populate your information, locate the ActionHex and this time click the Edit option.  Make sure to Save your edits.

WebHornet Standard Includes the following modules:
WebHornet Premium Menu Includes the following modules:


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