The Feed Reader module gathers and displays content from various websites in one place without the need to visit each site/source individually.  On your WebHornet Website you can bring in a 3rd party RSS Feed (external content) or a  summary of your newest Blog Post (internal content) using the Feed Reader Module. 
View our YouTube Video on the Feed Reader Setup.

1 - Choose the Page or Layout you would like to edit.  To determine if you should edit this module on the Page or Layout, click here.

2 - Locate the area where you want to add the Feed Reader.  We recommend adding the Feed Reader to your Home page. 

3 - Click on the Action Hexagon and select CHANGE option.
For more information on the ActionHex, click here.

4 - Next Change Module to Feed Reader.  For more information on Change Module, click here.

5 - Once the module is set to Feed Reader module, you will need to again click on the Action Hexagon and this time select the EDIT button.
  • Title: Title to appear above the Feed Reader
  • Description: Content area that appears below the Title and above the feed
  • Source Type: Internal (pull from a source within your site, example: Blog) or External (pull from an RSS feed)
  • Source: Select the source to pull information from.  If Source is Internal, select from the drop down list of sources.*   If Source is External, copy and paste in an RSS feed web address.
  • Display Count: Control the number of posts to show in your feed by setting the number of items to display.
  • Character Count: This feature allows you to set the number of characters of each post to display.  This feature attempts to avoid cutting off words, so the count will not be exact.  Also, links and images will consume HTML characters that visitors to your site and you cannot see unless you know where to look, so you may need to expand your character count to show graphics or links.  We recommend a minimum of 300 characters for posts without graphics.  If your posts have images we recommend between 500 to 1000 characters.
    *Make sure to Save your settings
6 - If feed posts exist, they will appear in the Feed Reader placeholder/module.

*While Feed Reader is part of the WebHornet Standard, the Internal Source Blog is an Enhanced Module.  To purchase Enhanced Modules, access your WebHornet Account and add one or more Enhanced Modules to your existing WebHornet Website.

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