Image - Resizing Software and Resizing Image

When using the Image Manager Tool, you may need to re-size your Image before uploading to your site.
**Please note, WebHornet does NOT re-size any images.**

WebHornet recommends installing free software, such as Paint.Net

Below are instructions for re-sizing your image using Paint.Net.

1. Open Paint.Net

2. Drag and Drop your image into the Software

3. Locate the Image tab in the toolbar, as shown below:

4. Locate the Re-size Option, as shown below:

5. Select the size you would like your image to appear. 
**Please note, only change the setting for Pixel Size, as shown below:

6. After you have selected your size, click ok

Your image has now been re-sized.  You can now save the image in .jpg or .png format and add to your WebHornet Website.

If you are still not satisfied with the way the image is appearing, you may need to crop your image.  For more information, click here.

You can also view and resize images in WebHornet. See how in our YouTube Video on Resizing Images in WebHornet.


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