Affiliate Referral Sign-up

To request to become a WebHornet Affiliate, email  If you already have a WebHornet account/website, provide your WebHornet Customer ID.

Once WebHornet has received your request to become an Affiliate, we will set-up your existing WebHornet Account for referral tracking pending your digital signature of the WebHornet Affiliate Agreement.  If you do not have a WebHornet Account, you will be required sign-up before moving forward.  Wait for an email instructing you to move on to step 1 below.

To review the Affiliate Agreement:

1 - Login to your WebHornet Account at  You were assigned a login and password when you initially set-up your WebHornet account.

2 - Once you are logged in you will see a screen titled My Account, change your URL/web address to

3 - Next you should see the Affiliate Signup screen.  Fill in your Affiliate information and review the Terms and Conditions.  If you agree to the terms of the WebHornet Affiliate Agreement and are an authorized representative of your organization, then check the boxes and click I Agree to submit your agreement.

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