SPAM Settings for WhettStone Webmail

WhettStone Webmail allows our customers to control the spam settings on their account.
To control the SPAM settings, please contact WhettStone at

There are 3 types of Spam that can be received:  Low, Medium & High. 
For each category you can: add text to subject, delete the message, move it to the junk Email folder or take no action.

If too much SPAM is coming though on any email addresses, WhettStone suggests:

Move the Spam into a junk Email folder and monitor it for 2-3 months. 
If you find that all of the Spam is junk, then WhettStone can set it to delete the messages automatically.
If you find that some of the Spam is not Spam, you can set that specific email address to not go into the junk folder.
***Please note, this will have to be done for all email accounts.**

For questions or comments, please contact us at

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