When using the Image Manager, you are manipulating HTML.  For more information, please visit http://www.w3.org
The Image Manager allows customers to insert images on their site.  The Images Manager can be found in the Tool Bar of the editor.

1.  Locate the Icon 'Image Manager'.

2.  A new screen will open This is a great place to store your images to be reused throughout your site.

3.  For initial setup, click the Upload button.


4.  The system will allow upload of 3 different types of image files[.jpg, .gif, .png]
To upload an image, press the 'Select' button. 

5.  You will now be directed to your desktop.  Locate the image to insert.

6.  Once you have located the image, click 'Open'.  Your image will now appear on the 'Upload' screen.
 As shown below, I have located the image labeled 'Test.jpg.'  This is now visible on the 'Upload' screen.
To remove the image, click the 'Remove' button.

7.  Click Upload button.

8.  Your Image will now be visible in the Image Manager.
A folder is automatically created.  You have the ability to add multiple folders to keep your images organized.
You will also notice that your image will appear on the right side.

9.  To insert your document onto your site, click the 'Insert' button.

10.  The image is now shown in the editor.

You may have the ability to insert a document.  If you have requested this options or would like to add this option, please contact  your WhettStone representative.
You may also view the instructions for the 'Document Manager'.

For questions or comments, please contact us at support@whettstone.com.

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