Add Link to Navigation (Link Page / External Link)

Once in the Control Panel, the user has the ability to add a Link to the Navigation or a Link Page (External or Internal Link).

View our WebHornet YouTube Video on Adding a Link Page.
Link Page tool is used to create:
  • Link to external website from your navigation.  Takes the user away from your site.
  • Adding a secondary navigation link to an existing page within your website.  User remains on your site.

1 - To add a Link Page, click on the Add Link Page icon located in the upper right corner of the Control Panel.

2 - Fill out the Create Link Page form with details about your Link Page.
  • Title: The Title of the Link Page.
  • URL: Insert the exact website URL you would like your visitors to be directed to -or- the full web address URL of your website.
  • Target: You have the ability to Open the link in the same window -or- open in a new window.
  • Permission: Public pages - all visitors can view. Private pages - only Users logged in can view. Hidden - only Administrators and Content Writers who are logged in can view the page.
  • User Group: This determines who will have the ability to view this page.  For more information on Users, please click here.
3 - Click the Create button to create the Link Page.  The Link Page will be displayed in the Control Panel.  For more information on the Control Panel, please click here

4 - To add the Link Page to your Navigation, locate the Navigation module in your page or layout.  Edit Navigation and select (check) the Link Page to add.  Make sure to save your changes. 

NOTE:  If you are using the the Link Page to create a link from your website navigation to a different website, this will take the visitor away from your site.  WebHornet is NOT responsible for broken links.  Remember to review your Link Pages often.

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