Through the User Manager, you have the ability to set up User Groups.  Users can be assigned to User Groups.  Set up private pages that can be viewed by the Users of specific User Groups.
View our YouTube Video on how to Add a New User Group.

To add a New User Group:

1 - From the User Manager, click on the User Groups button.

2 - Enter the name of your new User Group in text field under Create User Group.

3 - Click the Create button.

4 - A list of all Users where Role = User will be displayed.  Only Accounts of role 'User' can be assigned to User Groups ('Administrator' or 'Content Manager' roles cannot be assigned to a User Group).

5 - Check the Users assigned to this User Group.

6 - Click the Save button.

To View Users in a User Group / Add or Delete Members of the User Group:

When viewing the users, you have the ability at add additional users or delete users in the group.

1 - From the drop down menu in the Existing User Group field choose the group you would like to view.

2 - Click the View Members button.

3 - Add or Delete Members of the User Group.

Add a Member to the User Group: check the User(s) to assign to this User Group.  Click the Save button. 

Delete a Member from the User Group: uncheck the User(s) to remove from the User from this User Group.  Click the Save button. 

To read more about how you can set-up pages for specific User Groups to view, Private Pages User Group Assignment
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