Assign Private Pages User Group

As the Administrator, you may want the ability to decide who will see the pages on your website.  WebHornet gives you the ability to set up User Groups for private viewing of pages.
View our YouTube Video on how to Assigned Private Pages.

For more information on Creating a User Group, click here.

1 - From the Control Panel, click on the page that you would like to make private for a User Group.  (if the page is not yet created, follow the instructions to set-up a new page)

2 - Click on the Page Settings icon in the upper left corner.
3 - The Page Settings edit screen will appear.  Under the Permission View header, select Private.  Under the Private View Details select the User Group(s) that can access/view the page. 

4 - Click the Save button to save the Page Settings.  Click the Cancel button to disregard your changes.

When a User logs into the your website through the Login page, he/she accesses the User Dashboard page.  The User Dashboard will have a list of Private pages that the user can view.  The User will ONLY see pages assigned to their specific User Group(s).

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