NOTE: 1 Administrator Account is included with the WebHornet Standard.  Check your System Dashboard -> Your WebHornet -> Users to see if your account has multiple user accounts.  To purchase additional Users, upgrade today!
View our YouTube Video on how to Add and Setup a New User.

As the Website Administrator, you have the ability to Create New Users

Before you begin User set-up:
1 - Verify User Settings are correct.  For more information on User Settings, click here.
2 - Verify System Settings are correct.  For more information on System Settings, click here.

To begin User set-up, access the User Manager tool.

1 - From the User Manager, click on the New User button.

2 - Enter the following Create User information:
  • Username:  login name to access your website
  • Password:  create a password that is at least 6 characters in length and have a least one upper case letter ('A'-'Z').
  • Email:  a valid email address is required for system email alerts
  • Lock:  if checked, the user will NOT be able to log into your website via the pre-built login page
  • Role: Administrator, Content Manager, User  -- select the proper role for the User
3 - Click Save to make the User. 
*The system auto generates an email to notify the User of password to access your website.

4 - After the User is created, you will need to click on the Manage button for the User. Enter the Display Name, and if applicable, the additional fields (at bottom of page). Currently, the display name appears as the Blog Author name for Administrator and Content Manger roles.  
For more information on set-up of data fields in this area, visit the User Settings instructions, click here.

5 - You will also have the option to set Interface Mode.  This setting is for Administrators and Content Managers only.  By default all accounts are in Basic mode.  Only use Advanced mode if the User is comfortable with HTML, CSS and Javascript.

6 - Click the Save button to submit the information.  Click the Cancel button to disregard your changes.  If you have missed any required fields, the fields will be highlighted in red.

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