Each website Layout includes a Navigation module.  Once you have set up the pages in the Control Panel - Page Tree, you are able to decide which pages are included in the Navigation. 
View our YouTube Videos on how to Add a Page to the Navigation and Navigation Drop Down Menus.

For more information on the Control Panel - Page Tree, click here.

1 - Open the Control Panel

2 - Locate the Layout(s) bottom of the Control Panel.  Click on the Layout Module editing Icon of the Layout you would like to work with. 

3 - Locate the Action Hexagon Navigation placeholder.  If you mouse over the Action Hex, it should end in .Navigation.  Click on the Action Hex and select the EDIT option. 
(If you see EDIT LAYOUT, click this option to direct you to the Layout and click OK when prompted.  You will again need to click on the Action Hex and select the EDIT option.)

4 - Next you will see the Edit Navigation form.  The pages that are checked will appear in the Navigation.  If unchecked, the page will not appear in the navigation.

5 - Make your changes to the Navigation list and save your changes once completed.  You will notice your changes will take affect to your navigation immediately.

6 - If you have more than one layout, you will need to make Navigation changes on all Layouts if you want the navigation to be the same on all layouts and pages using these layouts.

For more information on Styling your Navigation, click here.

Note: General visitors to your site will not be able to see the User Dashboard or pages you have flagged as private for certain User Groups.  ONLY when a user of the system logs in, will that person be able to see the User Dashboard and other pages linked to their associated User Group.

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