WebHornet Website Setup

To get the most out of your set-up fee, have the following items organized and ready to provide the WebHornet Support Team:
  • Page Site Map – List of all pages of your website and how you would like them organized
  • Page Content provided in digital format (.doc, .docx or .txt formats accepted)
    • Page Title
    • Page Content
    • MetaTags (Keywords and Description)
  • Logo – Provide a logo for your website (.jpg, .gif or .png formats accepted)
  • Graphics – After selecting your website skin, provide photos that will fit in image areas.  Provide instructions on which image(s) go on which page (.jpg, .gif or .png formats accepted).  Resize graphics tothe image area recommended size for best results.
  • Events, Blog Posts, News – provide a couple of Events, Blog Posts and News items if you would like the WebHornet support team to set-up these for you
Your Domain Name - Website Address
  • Domain Name - You will be responsible for purchasing and managing your domain.  WebHornet will provide you instructions for launching your website.  For more information on purchasing your domain name, click here.
  • Sub Domain - Provide your preferred sub domain.  We recommend your sub domain to be the same as your primary domain name.  Once your WebHornet Website is launched and ready for you to update. 
*Don’t worry if your content isn’t perfect during set-up.  You are able to update content at any time using WebHornet!

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