Add Video to Your Web Hornet Website

If you want to add video to your website your WebHornet website gives you easy way to add video.
View our YouTube Video on how to Embed a YouTube video.

1 - Host and upload your video files to YouTube or other 3rd party video hosting service.  Some of these services are free while others will charge a minimal fee for video hosting. Web Hornet is not associated with these 3rd party services.  However, here are some that we recommend:

2 - The 3rd party video hosting service will provide you HTML code to drop into your website.  The code typically includes a video player.  Copy this code to your clipboard.

Click here to see specific directions on how to Locate HTML code snippet on YouTube.

3 - Login to your WebHornet Website as the administrator and locate the page in the Control Panel where you would like to add your video.  Video can be added to any HTML area or any area that uses the HTML editor.

4 - Once you are in the HTML editor, click on the area in the text where you would like to drop the video.

5 - Click on the Source button in the upper left corner of the HTML editor.  Paste in the HTML video code provided by the 3rd party video host. 

6 - Click on the Source button again to return to normal editing mode and you should see your video or an IFRAME in the HTML.  Save your HTML changes.  We recommend reviewing the page where you have placed your video from your custom domain.

NOTE: If you have saved and do not see the video while you are logged in as the administrator, log out and view your website as a visitor would see your website.  Remove the "s" from the "https:\\yourdomain".  Some browsers will not show the video while editing your site in secure protocol (https).

Your video will now appear on your website in a video player.

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