Add a Document / Replace a Document

To Add a Document to your website:
View our YouTube Video on how to Upload and Link a Document.

1 - Access the Control Panel and click on the page where you would like to add the document.

2 - Once in any HTML Editor, highlight the text you would like to link to the document.

3 - Click on the Insert/Edit Link icon located in the HTML Editor Tool Bar.

4 - A dialog box titled Insert link will appear. Click on the Folder icon (on the URL line).

5 - The Document/File dialog box will appear.  WebHornet recommends creating folders to organize all documents in the manager.
     To Create a New Folder:
       a.  Click on the Create button and Folder.
       b.  Name the Folder.
       c.  Click Create.

6 - To Upload a Document:
       a.  Click on the Upload button. Then click on Local Machine.
       b.  Locate and select the document on your local machine.  Click Open.
       c.  The document has been uploaded and added to the list of documents.
If you are Replacing a Document and want to avoid broken links, skip to step 10.
7 - Click Insert: If you click on Insert, the Insert Link dialog box will appear again, prefilled with the URL and Text to Display.
       URL: The URL should be /Content/Media/File/[DocumentName]
       Text to Display: This will prefill, but you can make changes.
       Title: Give the link a Title which will appear when a visitor hovers the mouse over the the document link.        
       Target: Select whether to open the link in a New browser window, or None will open the link in the same browser window.
       Click OK to complete the link of the file.
8 -  Close: The document has been uploaded. Clicking Close will close the dialog box and the link will NOT be created.

9 - Make sure to Save your changes.  Web Hornet recommends that you review your website for the newly added document.

To replace an existing document to AVOID broken links, follow the above steps up to 6.c.
10 - Remove the old document: 
a. Uncheck the box next to the new document. Check the box next to old document.
b. Click the Manage tab and select Remove. Note the exact name of your old document, you will need it next.
c. Click OK to confirm the delete of the old document.
11 - Rename the new document:
a. Check the box next to the new document. 
b. Click the Manage tab and select Rename
c. Enter the old document name you noted earlier and click OK. The new document has been renamed.
12 - Insert the new document:
a. Check the box next to the new document and click on Insert.
b. Click OK on the Insert link dialog box.
13 - Save and you are done. Click on the link in the page to be sure it is correct.

Now all links that were pointed to the OLD document have been REPLACED by the new document

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