Style Containers or Placeholders

Style Containers or Placeholders give you the capability to change the styling of the website at any time.  WebHornet allows you to customize website colors and font colors using standard Hex color values. 
View our YouTube Video on Layout Styling.

1 - Access the Control Panel.  For more information on the Control Panel, click here.

2 - Locate the Layouts at the bottom of the Page Tree. There will be a list of all Layouts that are installed in your website.  

3 - Next to Each Layout, a HTML tag icon is shown. Choose the HTML tag icon for the layout you would like to edit.

4 - A template of your Layout will be displayed. 
  • Each Style Container is identified by a Container or Placeholder.  This will appear when scrolling over each Style Container. 
5 - Click on the Container in the Page Tree, of the area you would like to style. a Layout Code (Meta/CSS/Script) form will appear.  You have the ability to change the Background Color and the Font Color of the Style Region/Container. 

6 - After you have made your changes, click Save.  The changes will take place to the Layout and all pages using the Layout.  You many need to refresh your browser to see the change (Ctrl-F5).

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