WebHornet gives you the ability to link from any where in your content to an Email Address.  For example, if you have a Contact Us page and you would like your visitors to reach you by email, you can have your email address, subject and body prefilled!
View our YouTube Video on how to Create a Link to an Email Address.

1 - From the Control Panel, chose the page you would like to add your email address to.

2 - Locate the Action Hex for the HTML you would like to edit.

3 - In the content, add the text that you would like to link from and highlight it.

4 - Locate the Insert/Edit Link icon in the Toolbar.

5 - A dialog box title Insert Link will appear.
          a. URL: type in the email address. (Example; support@webhornet.com) 
          b. Click OK
6 - A dialog box will display, confirming you are linking to an email address, click OK.
7 - Save your changes.

8 - In the content of your website, you will now see your text as a link.  Please keep in mind, the user can directly email you from your website if they have a program such as Microsoft Office installed.

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